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Projects running in 2017

Blue Biotechnology Master for a Blue Career

The ‘Blue Biotechnology Master for a Blue Career’ (BBMBC) project, funded by DG Mare under the ‘Blue Career’ call for proposals, is developing a Master’s degree exploring the potential benefits of Blue Biotechnologies for health, nutrition and aquaculture.  The Master’s degree, named ‘Applied Blue Biotechnology Master’s’ will be open to students with four years of higher education. Taking place at the University of la Rochelle, in the Region Nouvelle-Aquitaine of France, it will involve scientific training on Blue Biotechnology, which is the exploration and use of marine organisms to develop new products. The CPMR and its Atlantic Arc Commission are involved in the project and will ensure the dissemination and communication of the project and work on the transferability of the results to other sea basins and/or other themes.

This project is related to the CPMR’s work on maritime education and training and blue biotechnologies.

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