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Presentation by Euskadi for the Task Force on the Exploration of an Atlantic Macro-Region EN  
Political Declaration on Brexit and Fisheries ES   FR   PT   EN  
Minutes – Task Force Brexit – Brussels (13 September 2018) EN  
Minutes – Atlantic Arc Commission Working Group on Atlantic Strategy and Brexit Task Force – 18 May 2018 EN  
Minutes – Atlantic Strategy and Brexit meetings (27 September 2017) EN  
Political Declaration from the Atlantic Arc Commission on Brexit EN   FR   ES  
Agenda – Atlantic Arc Commission Atlantic Strategy WG and Brexit TF (27 September 2017) EN  
Minutes – Hubs Meeting (19/20 June 2017) EN  
Agenda – Atlantic Arc Commission Task Force meeting on Brexit (5 July 2017) EN  
Background document for Atlantic Arc Commission Hubs Meetings (19/20 June 2017) EN  
Minutes – Atlantic Strategy Working Group / Transatlantic Cooperation Task Force (18 July 2016) EN  
Minutes – Working Group Atlantic Strategy/Brexit Task Force (29 March 2017) EN  
Technical note on the consequences of the Brexit for Atlantic Arc Regions FR   EN  
Minutes – Atlantic Strategy Working Group (28 november 2016) EN  
Minutes – “Atlantic Strategy” Working Group (30 June 2016) EN  
Atlantic Strategy – EMFF Call for proposals 2017 EN  
Minutes – “Atlantic Strategy” Working Group (9 February 2016) EN  
Minutes – “Atlantic Strategy” Working Group (14 January 2016) EN  
Smart Specialisation in the Atlantic Arc Commission’s Regions EN  
The Juncker Plan: Context and opportunities for the Atlantic Arc Commission EN