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Political Declaration on Brexit and Fisheries ES   FR   PT   EN  
Summary report on the difficulties of implementing the landing obligation FR   EN  
Declaration by the Atlantic Arc Commission on the landing obligation in the CFP EN   ES   FR  
Minutes – Hubs Meeting (19/20 June 2017) EN  
Conclusions of the seminar – Vigo 2017 EN   FR  
Background document for Atlantic Arc Commission Hubs Meetings (19/20 June 2017) EN  
Agenda – Seminar “Discard ban and landing obligation…” (26/27 June 2017) FR   ES   EN  
Conclusions – Working Group on Fisheries and Aquaculture (1 March 2017) EN   FR  
Conclusions – “Fisheries and aquaculture” Working Group (7 October 2016) FR  
Work Programme of the Fisheries & Aquaculture Working Group for 2016-2017 EN   FR  
Minutes – “Fisheries and aquaculture” Working Group Seminar (26 February 2015) EN   FR