The CleanAtlantic project, which involves the CPMR’s Atlantic Arc Commission, is currently developing an online database to gather information on Marine Litter projects. This aim is for the database to be a source of information for decision makers at all levels.

The CleanAtlantic project is a project led by CETMAR in Galicia which aims to reduce Marine Litter risks in the Atlantic area by promoting greater cooperation and building capacity to prevent, control and eliminate litter.

The project will also help to raise public awareness on this topic to enable a change in practices and improvement of marine litter management systems.

One of the deliverables being carried out by CETMAR and the CPMR’s Atlantic Arc Commission is to develop a database of Marine Litter projects.

These projects can be European projects as well as national projects from the 5 Atlantic States: Portugal, Spain, France, Ireland and UK. This database will include a wide range of information on the project framework, the project partners, interesting resources developed by the projects.

This will be useful for European project leaders and decision-makers looking for an overview of the good practices developed by previous projects on Marine litter to further develop project or improve public policies.

As a result, the CleanAtlantic project will have real impact when it comes to improving the way the EU tackles marine litter.

For more information, have a look at the project website: