5th Coordination Meeting of CleanAtlantic project and CPMR Capitalisation Activities

The Atlantic Arc Commission (AAC) Secretariat and fellow CleanAtlantic partners met during three days at the Marine Institute in Galway from 2-4 December 2019, to discuss the results of the project and plan the last year of implementation.  The AAC Secretariat presented activities led within the work package on Capitalisation and its perspectives for 2020.

Key achievements of the project thus far, include:

    • Three applications for data collections on beach, seafloor and floating litter;
    • A new transport model designed to predict marine litter hotspots in the Atlantic Area;  
    • A study on impacts of cigarette butts on marine environment;
    • A Study on the ingestion of plastic by fish;
    • A Study on the impact of litter on the fisheries sector and policy recommendations.

The AAC Secretariat’s role is to ensure project outputs are transferred to AAC member regions, EU Member States, and other stakeholders beyond the partnership and beyond the project lifetime.  In 2019, the AAC Secretariat participated in the development of different tools and activities, including:

    • The CleanAtlantic Knowledge tool, an online database to gather information on past and ongoing initiatives and projects addressing marine litter (Cleanatlantic.eu). The tool is due to be published in August 2020.
    • A workshop on marine litter in the framework of the annual Atlantic Stakeholder Platform Conference in Porto, Portugal, on 13 November 2019, to convey the results of the project to the wider Atlantic community. Project results will be presented to the five Atlantic Member State-led steering group of the Atlantic Strategy to explore the possibility to capitalise CleanAtlantic outputs within the Atlantic Strategy.
    • on 7 May 2020, the AAC Secretariat will organise a Conference at the European Parliament, to share the results of the CleanAtlantic project and influence EU legislators to use the good practices.

For more information on CleanAtlantic, take a look at the 5th Newsletter and the project website, or contact the AAC Secretariat : elise.wattrelot@crpm.org .