atlantic conferenceAs part of the implementation of the Atlantic Action Plan, the European Commission invited stakeholders to share their practical knowledge and ideas at the Atlantic Stakeholder Platform conference, held in Porto (PT) on 20 January 2015. This meeting, organised in the presence of Lowri Evans, Director-General for Maritime Affairs and Fisheries, launched a “stakeholder platform” that will consist of an annual event and will be the central hub for stakeholders of the Atlantic Strategy. People will seek ways of cooperating, share information and secure funding also with the help of the Support team for the Atlantic Action Plan.

The participation of the CPMR in this first Atlantic Stakeholder conference was very intensive.

Pauline Caumont, Executive Secretary of the CPMR Atlantic Arc Commission, gave her contribution in two sessions, namely on “Maritime spatial planning in the Atlantic: learning from experiences and future opportunities” as a follow up to the Atlantic Arc Commission’s participation in the project “Transboundary Planning in the European Atlantic” (TPEA). She also participated in the session on “Maritime Regions’ perspectives related to the challenges in developing cooperation thematic/integrated projects in the Basin” to insist on the role of Atlantic Networks in the implementation phase of the Action Plan.

During the session on “Towards coordinated preparedness and response to spill of oil and hazardous materials in the Atlantic regions”, Damien Perissé, CPMR Director in charge of Maritime Affairs, focused on maritime pollution and maritime safety in the Atlantic sea basin.

Imma Valencia, Director-General for the Economy and European Affairs for the Government of Cantabria (ES) and representing the Presidency of the CPMR Atlantic Arc Commission, took the floor during the session on “How to implement the marine leisure dimension of the Atlantic Maritime Strategy” in order to present the work carried out within the Atlantic Arc Commission working group on “Atlantic Culture and Tourism”.