Brexit Task Force

The Brexit Task Force

It was created during the last Atlantic Arc Commission (AAC) General Assembly, held in Les Sables d’Olonnes on 2/3 March 2017, following a proposal by the Galicia Region. Debates at the General Assembly underlined the importance for the Atlantic Arc Commission Regions to share information and build common messages on the impacts of Brexit on the Atlantic regional territories. The Atlantic Arc Commission Regions have developed economic, financial, touristic, scientific, educational and cultural links with the British Regions, which are often complex and deep-rooted.

As shown in the Regions’ analyses, as well as that of the Secretariat of the Atlantic Arc Commission, the Brexit will have an important impact on many Regions, especially if the United Kingdom chooses a ‘Hard Brexit’ (complete exit from the EU).

The Atlantic Arc Commission has stated its commitment to maintain strong ties between its regions after the Brexit, for the benefit of all citizens.


The new Task Force will aim to:

  • Publish common messages on Brexit and its impacts on the Atlantic Regions;
  • Inform Regions of Brexit negotiations developments;
  • Promote the Atlantic Regions presence in the negotiations.

It cooperates with the Brexit Task Force of the North Sea Commission (NSC), as well as it taking part in the CPMR’s initiative on the Future of Europe.

Find out more via the tab “Future of Europe” in each of the CPMR Geographical Commission’s websites.


By the Xunta de Galicia

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