Marine Renewable Energy Working Group

The Marine Renewable Energy working group was created in 2010 at the initiative of Cantabria that chaired it until 2013. The Basque Government took over the presidency of the group in 2017. The creation of this group is the result of the growing interest for MRE in the Atlantic for environmental (cleaner energy) and economic (high potential, creation of jobs and growth) purposes. The aim of the group is twofold: ensure a legal monitoring in the field of MRE; bringing together the MRE stakeholders.

The creation of this group in 2010 quickly led to the submission of an EU project called “Atlantic Power Cluster – that ran from 2012 to 2014 – which objective was to “implement a transnational marine energy strategy so the partner regions can seek complementarities to tackle the crucial challenges for the development of marine energies in the Atlantic Area.”


  • Action 1: Report on the development of marine renewable energies in the Atlantic Arc Regions.
  • Action 2: Knowledge sharing and potential cooperation.
  • Action 3: The needs of the Atlantic Arc Regions in the development of marine renewable energies with regards to the EU.
  • Action 4: The incorporation of renewable energy development in the AMS.

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