Fisheries & Aquaculture Group

The Fisheries and Aquaculture working group was created at the initiative of Galicia in 2008. The Pays de la Loire Region took over the presidency of this working group from Galicia in 2013. The mandate of this working group was originally to follow up the implementation of the Common Fisheries Policy. It also aims at bringing together Atlantic actors in the field of fisheries and aquaculture in order to identify common challenges and objectives, but also to develop EU projects in different areas (training, sustainable development of the sector, environmental impact, etc.).


  • Implementation of the EMFF: Encouraging exchanges between the Atlantic Arc Commission Member Regions in order to analyse the political choices and the implementation of the measures
  • Defense of the interests of the Atlantic Regions with regard to European institutions: Launching of exchanges and positioning for the CFP post-2020 relying on practical examples.
  • Continuing to enhance interregional cooperation on different issues linked with fisheries and aquaculture.

Upcoming Events

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