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Innovation Working Group

The Innovation working group had first been coordinated by the Basse-Normandie Region until 2009. It was then reactivated in 2015 at the initiative of the Nouvelle Aquitaine Region that took over its presidency. The main aim of this group is to mobilise the Atlantic Regions on the issue of innovation in the blue economy. There are endless possibilities for exploiting the Atlantic Ocean (marine energies, marine research and innovation, and naval construction, tourism, boating, maritime transport, ports) which are the keys for the development of the Atlantic peripheral maritime territories and new kinds of employment. Working together, sharing information, costs, results and they could meet the challenges (climate change, marine pollution, shortages of natural resources, etc.) which go beyond the regional and even national borders.

Four areas for work have been identified by the group, namely “Biological Resources and Biotechnologies”; “Ships of the Future”; “Development, surveillance and security of the coast”; “Marine mineral resources”. The working group intends to develop initiatives for each of these priorities (e.g. development of EU project; drafting of an Atlantic directory of the stakeholders in the fields relating to the ships of the future; lobbying in the field of development, surveillance and security of the coast; monitoring and regular information sharing in the field of marine mineral resources).


The Atlantic Arc Commission considers that cooperation among its Member Regions on these issues would be beneficial for each of them.

By working together, by sharing information, costs, results and best practises, the Atlantic Regions could meet the challenges (climate change, marine pollution, shortage of natural resources, etc.) which go beyond the national borders.

Aquitaine proposes to the Atlantic Regions to work on one or two areas of the blue economy which emerged from their regional “Smart Specialisations”.

We have already identified 4 areas/sectors of the Blue Economy with high innovation potential which could be part of a joint effort

1 – Ships of the future: nautical and naval ports and industries, energy management component (soft mobility), remote sensing

2 – Marine mineral resources: exploration and exploitation of these resources, desalination, competencies in the human and social sciences (maritime law)

3 – Biological resources and biotechnologies

4 – Development, surveillance and security of the coast.

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