Following a series of preliminary meetings organised by the CPMR and Normandy region, with local and regional stakeholders from both sides of the Channel, the Channel Alliance was presented for the first time at the CPMR’s Political Bureau, held in Brest, France on 07 May.

This formal presentation constituted a landmark step in the formal establishment of the Channel Alliance.

The Channel Alliance is a political initiative from Normandy region which aims to bring together local and regional public authorities as well as socio-economic stakeholders from both sides of the Channel to further develop the Channel area.

At the Political Bureau, the initial achievements of the initiative were presented by Julian German, deputy-leader of Cornwall County Council, and member of CPMR Political Bureau.

These are:

– The first meeting organised in Cardiff on 15 November 2017 which established the basis of the Channel Alliance

– The second meeting in Portsmouth on 25 June 2018 which positioned the Channel Alliance as a platform for exchanges of information and public position and how Channel cooperation should look.

– The third meeting in Brussels which explored with the European Commission and the Task Force 50 in charge of the negotiations on Brexit, the possibility of maintaining a EU prorgamme to foster cooperation in the Channel.

Mr German’s presentation took place during the Brexit session, which involved a panel of EU institutions representatives working on Brexit: Marc Joulaud MEP, and Jean-Luc Vanraes, Member of the Brexit Interregional Group of the Committee of the Regions.

For more information on the Channel Alliance, visit the Channel Alliance page on the CPMR website.