The CPMR took part in a key meeting in Bayonne, France, to discuss the contribution of the Atlantic Strategy and Action Plan to the Blue Economy in the Atlantic.

The meeting, held on 13 April, was organised by the Support Team for the Atlantic Action Plan, the CPMR’s member region, Nouvelle-Aquitaine, and the Bayonne Pays Basque Chamber of Commerce and Industry.

At the meeting, the CPMR stressed the key role of its Atlantic Arc Commission (AAC) in developing early engagement in the Atlantic Strategy.

The CPMR also highlighted the on-going development presented by the European Commission’s Directorate-General for Maritime Affairs and Fisheries (DG MARE) during the last Atlantic Strategic Group meeting in February.

Mrs Laurence Harribey, regional councillor of Nouvelle-Aquitaine, outlined the region’s work, through the AAC, to develop concrete projects related to Blue Growth in the Atlantic.

Mr Mathieu Bergé, regional councillor of Nouvelle-Aquitaine, said that the time has come to turn to the sea to fully benefit from the region’s assets.

The conference also offered the opportunity to present EU funding opportunities for maritime activities and showcase project success stories in the Euro-Region, “Nouvelle Aquitaine – Euskadi – Navarra”, such as the Ocean Living Lab.